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Schools in Ghana


The experience that even small things can have a large impact

Our Goal

Providing the best possible education for Students in Ghana in a learning-friendly environment and thereby establishing a good foundation for a bright future.

Achieving more together

Our work is "borderless“: We purchase products in Ghana and sell them in Germany. All our profits are then used to support our schools who engage local craftsmen and business owners.

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The founding members of „Ein Bunter Bund mit Ghana“

What drives us

What impressed me most in Ghana was that, although the people often only own very few material things, they are happy to share whatever they do have. I especially noticed this with the children. I was however also very sad to see how few resources the schools have which reflects in the facilities, the buildings and the teaching material. This was one of the main things that motivated me to found this organization so that I could support the schools in their mission to provide a better education to the children.

Philip Stehle

When I visited Ghana in 2014, I already started collecting donations from Germany to help the local children. I will never forget the looks of the kids when I arrived at the school with new tables and chairs. They were all so excited that every student now had their own table and chair to eat and study. It’s just amazing that something like that can make the children so incredibly happy. After returning from Ghana I frequently thought about how I would be able to continue to support my project now that I was back in Germany. On your own that is unfurtunatley not an easy endevour. But luckily we got together with some of the volunteers and realized that many of us had the desire to continue to support the schools we visited. Hence we decided to found the organization. That way it’s possible for us to effectively support our projects from Germany. I am very glad that we can help four schools to bring a smile to so many children.
Nach meiner Rückkehr von Ghana, hab ich mir mehrmals überlegt, wie ich mein Projekt in Ghana von Deutschland aus unterstützen kann. Alleine ist das leider nicht so einfach. In Deutschland haben wir Volunteers uns wieder getroffen. Zum Glück!
Da bei mehreren der Wunsch bestand, die Schulen an denen wir in Ghana waren zu unterstützen haben wir einen Verein gegründet. So ist es uns immer noch möglich unsere Projekte von Deutschland aus zu unterstützen. Ich bin sehr froh, das wir vier Schulen unterstützen können um vielen Kindern ein lächeln ins Gesicht zu zaubern.

Julia Höger

As a private individual it is quite difficult to send donations to Ghana and it can become quite expensive as well, especially when the recipients don’t have their own bank account. Because all of the founding members had the desire to continue to support the schools they visited back in 2014 when they returned to Germany, joining forces was somewhat of a natural next step. At that point we were not aware how complicated it can be to found an organization like this. However, we can therefore now be even prouder of what we have already achieved. Staying in touch for over five years, despite being spread out all across Germany I think is an achievement in itself. This organization has brought us together even more than the weeks we spent in Ghana, which is why it is especially important to me to actively engage in the organization’s work.

Elise Schöler

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