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A coincidental meeting at the beach of Accra in 2015 brought us together with the board members M. Neumayer and F. Reitmeier of the association “Moja kwa Moja – Sei selbst das Projekt” e.V.

We quickly realized that “Moja kwa Moja” was on a very similar development path as we were. A cooperation was therefore basically the natural next step.

The association which is based in Prien at Lake Chiemsee was founded in 2015 and has a recognized public-utility status. Hence they have the advantage of already having quite a lot of experience. We from “Ein Bunter Bund mit Ghana” e.V. can very much identify with their principles of “directness – transparency – sustainability – solidarity”. In their fields of activity “people, flora, fauna, air and water” the organization already has several projects in different countries (Ghana, Kenia, Senegal, Palestina as well as locally in the Chiemgau area) up and running.

Since the foundation of our association we have been dreaming of once day offering our own volunteer program in our projects but so far haven’t been able to achieve this as we were not able to provide local accommodation for the volunteers. Thanks to the cooperation with “Moja kwa Moja” our dream has now come true. Our partner association offers a serviced, modern apartment in close proximity to our projects. We are glad to announce that starting in January 2020 we are now able to offer a volunteer program. Volunteer Program

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Von Januar bis März war Steffi, unsere erste Freiwillige, in Ghana. Leider musste sie aufgrund der Corona-Pandemie vorzeitig ihren Aufenthalt in Ghana nach zweieinhalb Monaten beenden und ihre Rückreise nach Deutschland antreten.

Wir hoffen sehr, dass wir bald wieder Freiwillige nach Ghana entsenden können. Leider lässt es die aktuelle Situation noch nicht zu, dennoch bleiben wir enthusiastisch und haben daher gemeinsame Flyer und   Aushänge entworfen, um bald wieder für unser Freiwilligen-Programm werben zu können.