Endtime Academy

Small family-owned school that is providing real neighborhood assistance

Students (2000)
Schüler (2021)
Room (2000)
Räume (2021)
Teacher (2000)
Lehrer (2021)

Additional information about the project:

Endtime Academy is the smallest of the four schools and is located in the middle of the loud and busy Kasoa, just around the corner of the central market. The building lies in one of the poorer areas with suboptimal infrastructure. The area is dominated by narrow alleys and rundown huts. Many families in this area have very limited financial resources and are frequently not able to pay the school fees. The Endtime Academy consists of multiple small huts that are arranged in a rectangle surrounding a gravel covered school yard. A large building is used for church services that are held by the director in the evenings and on weekends. The building is also used for parent-teacher conferences and school performances.

The compound is not connected to a water pipeline – water needs to be bought from the district. If the district however is itself out of water (which happens rather frequently) a 10 kilometer trip is necessary to get water for the school. In addition, also the waste water isn’t properly drained due to a lack of pipelines. During heavy rainfalls the sewage system in the whole area often overflows.

The family Osei that runs the school lives on the school grounds. Therefore, their everyday family life also takes place there. Following the family modelt he students happily help get water or supervise younger children. After school and on weekends the school also offers a sort of day care for children from families facing difficult social circumstances. For many Endtime Academy is a welcome alternative to their home where they often have to look after themselves until the evening. More than half of the students at Endtime Academy come from families with single mothers.

The Oseis show great passion in their goal to provide a creatDie Osei’s sind mit Herzblut bei der Sache, um den Schülern in einem familiären Rahmen viel kreive variety in a family atmosphere tot he students. With limited resources they create imaginative arts and crafts projects. Dancing and making music are often also part of the program.

Kirche: Der Schulalltag ist stark christlich geprägt, so wird auch vor dem Essen gemeinsam gebetet.

Currently the school is visited by about 55 students aged 1-14 years.


In diesem Jahr wurde mit Hilfe der Spenden eine Kantine errichtet sowie ein zusätzliches Schulgebäude.


The walls, the floors and a step at the entry of the new classrooms, that were built with the donations of the year 2017, could be plastered and covered with concrete. Moreover, the toilet building was endowed with new, stable walls and the school gate renewed, after both had been damaged by the extreme weather conditions in Ghana. School benches and tables have received a new, fresh coat of paint with the remaining donations.


This year, with our help, the academy was able to further extend the construction of the side building, launched the year before. The floor of the small house was cemented and a door was installed. Additionally, we are very happy, that we could contribute to the fact, that a small school bus could be bought.

Alle Schulen haben im Jahr 2020 eine Corona-Hilfe bekommen. Der komplette Schulbetrieb in Ghana wurde vom Staat 4 Monate eingestellt. Zur Wiedereröffnung im Juli gab es staatliche Vorgaben, im Speziellen, dass ausreichend viele Masken und Seifen für die Schüler,  die Lehrer und das sonstige Personal zur Verfügung steht. Ebenso musste das gesamte Schulgelände desinfiziert werden.                        Dies ermöglichte die Wiedereröffnung aller Projekte und die Schüler konnten nach langer Zeit endlich wieder unterrichtet werden.

Aufgrund starker Regenfälle wurde die Böden aller Klassenzimmer überflutet. Das Wasser kam durch den Boden hoch, weshalb alle Böden der Klassenzimmer neu betoniert wurden.

Details about requests

Dem Direktor ist es kaum möglich, das Schulgebäude instand zu halten, da wenig Finanzmittel in die Schule fließen. Es fehlt an fundamentalen Dingen wie einer Wasserquelle und ordentlichen Sanitäranlagen. Daher sollen die angefangenen Bauarbeiten fertig gestellt werden, unter anderem soll der Boden der Kindergartenklasse gefliest und die Dächer repariert werden.

Außerdem wünschen sich die Kinder einen kleinen Spielpatz auf dem Schulhof.