Schon seit unserem ersten Stand auf dem Mondorfer Weihnachtsmarkt, im Jahr 2017, gehören die schwarzen Seifen von TAMA zu unserem Sortiment. 2019 ist es uns gelungen, eine Zusammenarbeit mit TAMA Europe, mit Sitz in Deutschland, aufzubauen. Bislang waren wir auf die Hilfe unserer Mitglieder angewiesen, die bei einer Reise nach Ghana die Seifen für uns besorgt und in ihrem Gepäck mit nach Deutschland gebracht haben.

Thanks to the cooperation we are now better able to plan and are less at risk of running out of the soap.

We chose the TAMA-products as these are EU-certified, sustainable and produced under faire working conditions in Ghana. The products are vegan, cruelty free and free of microplastic.

TAMA produces Shea butter that is manufactured by women in the SeKaf Shea Butter Villages from nuts that are grown and harvested in Ghana.

The Shea Butter Village is located near Tamale, in the north of Ghana. There the Shea collectors are not only paid for the harvested nuts but also included in the further processing of the product. Furthermore, they offer education and training. That way the village provides a livelihood to the women and helps them sustainably improve their living conditions.

For further information on TAMA, their products and ingredients it is worth visiting their homepage: www.tama-europe.com