We are currently working with four privately managed schools (Endtime, Maranatha, P.Brainy, Sanbel) which are all located in Kasoa. Kasoa is a city, with about 40,000 residents located in Central Region in the South of Ghana, roughly 40 kilometers from the capital Accra. The schools have different levels of financial resources at their dispense and therefore vary in size, condition and available facilities. Currently the smalles school teaches 90 children, and the largest is visited by around 370 children. We are in frequent contact with the respective schools and therefore have a good overview of the respective needs and ideas of the employees. For us it is especially important that the ideas come from the individual schools and that we jointly discuss how the support and implementation could look from our side. This ensures, that donations are efficiently used and that a sustainable support is established. For example, when a school requires new tables, these are built by local carpenters who use local materials. As the needs of the individual schools vary, some schools may still have very basic needs (such as building or extending an existing building), whereas other schools’ needs already revolve more around the equipment for students (purchasing teaching material such as notepads, books etc.). One reason for this are the climate conditions in Ghana. Due to high humidity, the rainy season and strong solar radiation the schools frequently need to restore buildings and interior facilities (e.g. tables and chairs made of metal or wood). In all of this, each institution aims to provide the best possible learning atmosphere, in which we want to support them in an optimal way.

Wir stehen in engem und regelmäßigem Kontakt mit den jeweiligen Schulleitern und können daher über die Bedürfnisse der Einrichtungen und die Ideen der Mitarbeiter kommunizieren. Wichtig ist uns, dass die Ideen von der jeweiligen Schule kommen und wir gemeinsam darüber sprechen, wie die Unterstützung und Umsetzung unsererseits aussehen kann. Durch diesen Kontakt wird gewährleistet, dass die Spendengelder richtig eingesetzt werden und einer nachhaltigen Förderung nachgekommen wird. Wenn also ein Klassenraum neue Schulbänke benötigt, soll dies mit einheimischen Materialien und lokalen Schreinern umgesetzt werden.

Here you can see what is currently needed for each project.

Grund hierfür sind auch die Wetterbedingungen, die in Ghana herrschen, denn durch die hohe Luftfeuchtigkeit, Regenzeit und starke Sonneneinstrahlung bedarf es immer wieder einer erneuten Instandsetzung der Gebäude und Innenausstattung (Schulbänke aus Metall oder Holz). Bei alldem ist jede Einrichtung darauf bedacht, den Kindern die bestmöglichste Atmosphäre zum Lernen zu bieten, wobei wir sie optimal unterstützen möchten.

Was genau gebraucht wird, kann hier eingesehen werden.

Endtime Academy

Small family-owned school that is providing real neighborhood assistance

The director is barely able to keep the school building in a good condition as the school has very limited financial resources. The school is lacking quite basic things such as a well or good sanitary facilities. The base structure of the individual huts is ailing which allows the rain water to rise up through the floor. This in turn often makes the classrooms unusable.

Sanbel School

More than just school education – here education goes beyond schooling

Sanbel is comparably quite well developed, here the needs revolve more around interior equipment. That however does not mean that this school requires less support. We believe the new “Kayayeis”-program as well as the computer courses are very important.

Maranatha School

Isolated, but therefore the children are all the more welcome

The area surrounding Maranathe School are still in a development process, which means that not very many people actually live in this area. Millenium City is additionally not well connected regarding its infrastructure which means that it rather difficult to get to the school. Currently a school bus is a top priority to ensure the schools continued existence.

P. Brainy Kids Academy

Classes above the roofs of Kasoa with ambitious goals

Class content is in many Ghanaian schools exclusively taught via books. Actually trying something out, conducting experiments and exploring things is usually not possible for students in Ghana. P. Brainy wants to establish more practical education by setting up a “practice room”. An ambitious goal that should be supported, as this school might someday become a role model for others.