Maranatha School

Isolated, but therefore the children are all the more welcome

Students (1993)
Schüler (2021)
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Teacher (1993)
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Additional information about the project:

The Maranatha School is located outside of Kasoa in a rapidly developing residential area called Millenium City. The infrastructure development in this area is rather insufficient which is why the school is very quiet but therefore also quite isolated. Many of the residents in this area live in houses that are still under construction. In addition, most buildings have yet to be connected to electricity. For many years the school was located in central Kasoa, but it had to be relocated as a result of land expropriation. The number of students has drastically increased ever since, as the new way to school is too long to manage without a school bus for most of the students. The public transport (small buses called Trotros) can only be reached by car but cars are very rare in this growing neighborhood.

Maranatha is open: quite literally, as there is whether a wall nor any other confinement of the premises. Taking care of securing the classrooms and school materials is therefore a big challenge. However, on the flip side the school is very spacious and provides a lot of space for the students. Since 2015 the building of the Maranatha School is continuously being built and is still not completed. Almost all rooms now have windows and doors with a lock but neither the school kitchen nor the sanitary facilities are usable so far. Two large water tanks, located on the first floor of the building to prevent theft, supply water for the entire school.

The large school yard which is covered in sand and gravel provides an excellent space to play soccer and also inlcudes a swing and a merry-go-round for the kids.

The director of Maranatha is the most experienced of our headmasters, he has been running the school with his heart and soul since 1993. We especially want to highlight that John (due to his own personal story) allows orphans and “underprivileged” children to participate in classes free of charge. He makes it work, even if this means he needs to dig deep into his own pockets. In his school all children are welcome. It doesn’t matter whether they are Christian, Muslim or member of one of the traditional religions in Ghana. Everyone is treated and supported equally, which is not self-evident. The phenomenon that the majority of the children live with their mothers is also prevalent at this school.

Maranatha accommodates a total of 275 students of which the majority visits higher class levels.


Das neue Schulgebäude in Millennium City wird mit neuen Fenstern ausgestattet, die die Schule vor Witterung und Lärm schützen sollen.


The donations were used for 7 lockable, wooden double doors, that were manufactured exclusively by a local carpenter.

The most recent donation, that we handed over in September 2019, was put aside by school director John Awuah. He is saving, until enough money has come together, to buy a new school bus, big enough to bring all children home safely and on time - unfortunately, there is a long way ahead of us, so far.

Alle Schulen haben im Jahr 2020 eine Corona-Hilfe bekommen. Der komplette Schulbetrieb in Ghana wurde vom Staat 4 Monate eingestellt. Zur Wiedereröffnung im Juli gab es staatliche Vorgaben, im Speziellen, dass ausreichend viele Masken und Seifen für die Schüler,  die Lehrer und das sonstige Personal zur Verfügung steht. Ebenso musste das gesamte Schulgelände desinfiziert werden. Dies ermöglichte die Wiedereröffnung aller Projekte und die Schüler konnten nach langer Zeit endlich wieder unterrichtet werden.

In diesem Jahr wurden einige Klassenräume mit neuen Stühlen und Tischen ausgestattet.  Wir sind froh, dass nach langer Zeit  Treppengeländer an den Außentreppen angebracht wurden. So sind die Kinder vor einem Fall geschützt. Außerdem konnte die Schule den lang ersehnten Schulbus erwerben. Zum Einbruchsschutz wurden verschließbare Türen eingebaut. 

Details about requests

Als nächstes wünscht sich die Maranatha-Schule für Veranda und 5 Klassenräume neue Bodenbeläge. Zudem werden für 8 Klassenräume je 3 Schiebefenster benötigt.