We are wearing masks!

We are wearing masks!

At this moment, Ghana counts 33,624 Covid-19 infections, as taken from official sources. Just like almost everywhere else, daily life has changed immensely from one day to another. Face masks are now a common thing on the streets and have an impact on everyday life. But the children are those, who suffer the most under the changes caused by the virus. Many parents did not have regular income prior to Covid-19, to care for their families. Due to Covid-19 the situation has deteriorated even further. Many parents do not know how to pay their children’s school fees. Particularly also in view of the increasing prices of hygiene products, which are more sought-after then ever, many are at a loss.
The schools have similar problems. Our projects are already preparing to follow the strict hygiene rules in the upcoming school year. Currently only JHS students, who are writing their final exams to graduate, are allowed to attend school. To financially relieve the schools and support the families, we want to remind you, that even the smallest donation has a huge impact.

Together we are strong!

Our contact partners in our projects are sending their regards and a „stay healthy!“.


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